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Transfer Factors are not a drug, vitamin, mineral, herb or phytonutrients...They are a scientific breakthrough. Transfer Factors are tiny molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another in an amazing and unprecedented ways, such as between a mother and her infant who she breastfeeds.

Transfer Factors are found in the Immune System of almost all living creatures.  They're nature's way of conveying a mother's immune information to her infant through the mother's first milk (for example, colostrum).  Transfer Factors continue to educate the immune system throughout life, and they can be shared across species.  This means that our immune systems can benefit greatly from transfer factors extracted from animals such as cows and chickens.

These molecules were first discovered in 1949 by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, once lead immunologist at New York University (NYU). During the process of studying tuberculosis, he discovered an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient through an injection of an extract of leukocytes. Further investigation led him to conclude that this immune extract must contain “factors” that made it possible to transfer the donor’s immunity to the recipient. He called these molecules “transfer factors”.

Transfer factors have been studied for decades by scientists from all over the world, and thousands of studies exist.  

In 1998, 4Life's innovative Co-founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee, licensed the only existing Transfer Factor™ patent at the time—securing 4Life® exclusive extraction rights and making Transfer Factor accessible and affordable.

Nanofractions - New Discovery

Scientists have known that smaller molecules than transfer factors existed within colostrum, but they never determined if they had any immune activity. In 2007, David Lisonbee and the 4Life Research and Development team isolated these nanofraction molecules, tested them, and determined their potential to support the immune system.

Nanofractions are low-weight molecules found in the immune systems of certain mammals and birds. They function as part of the “command and control” network of the immune system.

Transfer factors and nanofractions transfer immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom from one entity to another. The two most abundant and safest sources for transfer factors and nanofractions are cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. Because these molecules aren’t species-specific, we can benefit from the knowledge gained by these animals during their lifetimes by transferring that knowledge from their immune cells to ours.

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Transfer Factor teaches our immune system to do 3 things… called the 3 Rs

RECOGNIZE invaders seeking to threaten your health.

RESPOND to invaders by educating your naive immune cells about a present or potential danger and passing on a plan for action. Boost your immune response or balance it by suppressing an OVERACTIVE immune system.

REMEMBER past invasions, allowing your body to more quickly respond to similar health threats. 

Unlike most immune supplements that only provide building blocks for proper immune function, transfer factor also provides immune intelligence. It is the immune information and education that helps to focus the immune system, keeping it on task and effective.

In a world where stress, pollution, poor diet and new potential threats are constantly undermining people’s immune systems, we know that in order to successfully battle these everyday challenges and to achieve overall well-being, continual advancements need to be made to help support immune strength and promote better health for you and your family.

One of the strongest forces in nature for transferring and ensuring good health, Transfer Factors have taken their place in the forefront of nutritional science.

4Life® Transfer Factor products include two sources of transfer factors and the newly discovered Nano-Factor to support the immune system's ability to recognize, respond to and remember invaders seeking to threaten health.

4Life® Transfer Factor™ Now approved by the Health Ministry of Russia for use in Hospitals and Clinics!


4Life® Transfer Factor Products Included in the Physicians’ Desk Reference since 2002.



What can Transfer Factors do for your Family?

We live in a world where stress, pollution, poor diet and new strains of potential threats are constantly undermining people’s immune systems.

People everywhere are looking for solutions to keep their bodies and immune systems operating at peak performance.

Mothers, fathers, teens, young adults, children and seniors from every walk of life are facing more and more challenges to their health. Everyone who needs immune system support or who simply want to maintain their everyday health, can benefit from taking Transfer Factor products.

Taking Transfer Factor on a daily basis can support our immune system's ability to fight invaders and help us lead healthier lives.

Transfer Factor is for all of us.  It is safe and suitable for all ages; infants through to elderly.

Transfer Factor is Nature's Answer for today's health challenges.



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